The new advanced solar panels that can shift in the direction of the sun will generate over 35% of solar power

Researchers are excited to announce the finality of solar panels that trace the sun as well as double-sided panels with similar modifications. The Carlos Rodríguez-Gallegos team from the Solar Research Institute of Singapore explains that the panels are composed of photovoltaic cells to trap as much solar energy as possible. 

In the past, solar panels were overly fixated in their installation to trap light on only one side. These panels were able to convert about 20 percent of the sun rays into energy while relying on the position of the sun in the sky. The Rodríguez-Gallegos team speculates that using double-sided photovoltaic panels will improve the entrapment of the sun rays while turning with the shift of the position of the sun to enhance the efficiency of power generation. 

Rodríguez-Gallegos explains that the primary aim of any solar panel is to collect the sun’s maximum solar energy. He says that the advantage of double-sided solar panels is that they can retain the power reflected from the ground on their downward-facing side. 

Currently, other panels track sun radiations. For instance, a single-axis tracker panel flows with the positioning of the sun throughout the day by swaying from the east to the west. A dual-axis tracker panel shifts from east to west and can also tilt 360° to track the sun’s motion with its elevational turn. This tilting technology is one of the significant advances in the solar energy industry though it is simplistic. 

The research team analyzed energy from different solar panel modifications. It combined it with NASA’s Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy System information on sunlight patterns to evaluate the efficient method to collect solar energy. The team’s analysis reveals that the double-sided panels generate over 35 percent of solar energy if they are single-axis trackers and an excess of 40 percent for the dual-axis. 

The double-sided panels with a dual-axis tracker allow it to collect sun rays from the sun and those reflected from the ground while tracing the sun’s angular position for maximum solar energy collection. This solar panel is under preparation, considering the sophisticated technology that is still under study. The mobile bifacial solar panel increases solar energy retention and subsequent storage in solar cells and batteries. 

Finally, there are double-sided solar panels as well as tracking panels for commercial use. With the advancing solar market, numerous commercials and homes opt to install solar energy facilities to save on energy costs. The use of these panels will gradually reduce fossil-fuels’ usage and resolve the problem of global warming.