Land transport operators points at the increasing interest in EVs

Jakarta: Mainland transport operators of Indonesia have shown their interest in energy-saving electric motors; however, the government might need to address the issues of staggering costs in the market. That was the crucial key from a previous extract that pertained to Blue Bird, a renowned taxi firm in the country, Damri, the oldest public bus operator and TransJakarta, the city bus operator run by the municipal council as well as Bakrie Autoparts, electric bus distributor. 

In a statement made by Prayoga Wiradisuria, the chief leader of electric vehicles at Blue Bird, the number of electric cars will increase at large since the majority of customers use them for transportation purposes. 

Blue Bird is the first bus operator in Indonesia to get electric vehicles, and currently, it operates 29 electric vehicles of Chinese BYD and American Tesla brands. 

Blue Bird took its time before opting to purchase electric vehicles and commencing its operations last year. The commercial applications of electric vehicles such as Taxi are dynamic, and it will extend further, making other entities follow suit. 

However, for the growth of electric vehicles, a prominent government must give its support, regulations regarding electricity tariffs, availability of charging points, and import duties. 

Currently, Damri has no electric vehicles in its groups. However, Setia Milatia Moemin, Chief Director of Damri, confirmed the availability of electric cars soon.  

Covid-19 has been a great block to the business’s success and growth; however, Damri has stated its plans for purchasing electric vehicles. 

Setia asserted that the plans would remain unchanged, except that of changing their policies on their timetable. Damri’s main ambition is to operate electric vehicles soon. 

The entity recruited a consultant company to plan for a business examination on the use of electric buses since they agreed that it would be excellent by benefit. 

The actual truth is that electric vehicles cost more; however, they bear a good portion of the profit for a more extended period. All the company wants is to get support from the government to make the whole process successful. 

In 2019, President Joko Widodo declared a significant surge in the number of electric vehicles used in public transport. 

Another entity that obtained electric vehicles is TransJakarta. Currently, it is on its exercise of three months. During the training, the BYD conveyed customers between City Hall and Blok M commercial center- the busiest roads of TransJakarta. 

The buses have been legalized and are eligible to operate on any routes of the streets. 

The participation of the entity in an electric vehicle business will aid in fighting problems related to pollution.