Dominion Energy obtains 62.5-MW Cypress Creek Renewables solar scheme

Dominion Energy has obtained the 62.5 MW Madison Solar producing facility from Cypress Creek Renewables in Orange County, Virginia. The project that is set to be managed by Dominion Energy’s contracted assets arm and collected all appropriate state and local licenses is anticipated to be operational sometime in the year 2022.

Northrop Grumman, based in Falls Church, is an aerospace and defense technology firm that will receive the power generated at Madison Solar and the credits of renewable energy for a long-period contract. Northrop Grumman expects that the facility will offer sufficient renewable energy to the grid that will match 100 percent electricity use of Virginia manufacturing and office operations.  

Sandra Evers-Manly, who is the Vice President of Global corporate responsibility, Northrop Grumman, confirmed that Northrop Grumman has a long-term dedication to environmental sustainability and the reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. She added that the project would play a vital role in the forthcoming generation for their climate-related inscriptions as they look past their 2020 goals.

As a segment of the Virginia Clean Economic Acts obligation for 100 percent carbon-free electricity by 2045, in the next 15 years, Dominion Energy intends to add close to 16,000MW of solar-generated capability via company-owned power and projects purchase contracts signed with Virginia’s third-party developers. Robert Blue, the executive VP, and co-chief operating officer at Dominion, stated that they could add more renewables and produce cleaner electricity if they could help their consumers, both big and small. He said that with that said and done, it is automatically a win for their customers and the whole Commonwealth of Virginia.

It has also achieved its set 2018 aim of online delivery, commencing development on, or signing deals for 3,000 MW of wind and solar-generated capacity in Virginia before 2022. S&P Global Market Intelligence rated the company’s solar portfolio 3rd amongst utility holding firms in the United States of America.

Cassidy DeLine, the VP of project finance at Cypress Creek Renewables, stated that their mission of energizing a sustainable future a project at a time leads them to create valuable projects and partnerships. He added that their collaboration with Northrop Grumman and Dominion on the Madison project strengthens their dedication to developing solar in the country’s biggest comprehensive market. Around 660 land acres along State Route 20 in Locust Grove are bought to situate the development of power.