For safety, NASA Satellite Data and examination makes the earth a better place

 The rate at which gold mines in Amazon is increasing raises more concern, and that is why activists have started to use satellite imagery to spot them. However, having thousands of new mines per year, the work gave researchers at Earthrise Alliance more headaches, and all they needed was more help. Ninth Graders in Weston started to put into practice the same method to identify illegal mining activities in the safeguarded region of Yanomami, Brazil.

Earthrise is among the renowned organizations that aid in getting Earth-observation pictures, information, and examination. Some of the statistics are made available to those working on sustainability projects by NASA for free. Such efforts made by a variety of helping organizations help in tracing prohibited mining activities, cutting down trees, and groundwater resources. The organizations help to educate farmers and authorities to try and back them up in those areas having the worst experiences as a result of climatic changes. 

Earthrise has been carrying out its operations (such as reporting prohibited mines in the Yanomami region), alongside the Survival International for many years. The effects of mines include; the outbreak of diseases likes malaria, tuberculosis. The infections can ruin the whole of the local tribes who have contact with those affected. The deadly novel of Coronavirus is now a significant threat to the area. Also, the mines pollute the land and waters with mercury, which is poisonous, and other substances that might result in death. 

Earthrise shows a sharp increase in the figures of the newly made mines in the region for the Survival International graphic. Later on, shortly before all learning institutions closed across the whole of the United States due to the outbreak of Coronavirus, Earthrise asked Weston High school first-year students to help in brushing Earth-observation information for ecological novels. 

The learners for Weston High School identified recently unreported unlawful mines after carrying out examinations on satellite imagery from NASA and the Maxar Technologies. The plan is among the initiatives of Earthrise Education, and it provides the learners with a device based on the internet for use to examining the actual problems present in the announcements. 

The Earthrise has its headquarters in Washington, D.C, and was founded last year (2019) by retired NASA officials. The main reason why the NASA officials created the organization is to merge projects that used space property to improve on the environmental status of earth. Dan Hammer, Earthrise Head Technology Officer, recently worked as a leader in innovation alongside Head Technology Officer from NASA. He made NASA information more accessible to the public.