Airbus Contract to Fabricate British Military’s Satellite

The British army recently had an agreement to finance the Skynet satellite that was extensively acquired from Airbus. The funds dispensed covered the manufacture, blastoff, and regular maintenance of the spacecraft. Fabrication of the satellite will be conducted by Airbus Defense in the U.K. On completion of the project, the launch of the satellite will be by the year 2025.

There would be further tests performed on the entirely electric satellite after the end of the project. Also, the spacecraft will be expected to be of service to the British military for at least 15 years. Ben Wallace, Defense Secretary, mentioned the need for maximum protection of global operations of the country’s military by securing communications in all the divisions of the army, ranging from the marine to the air force. He further stated the incorporation of Space Company in the manufacture of the satellite, which will advance the military’s communication.

The ideal network and frequency for Skynet-6 get to be decided by the U.K. for more efficient transmission of information. Airbus’s management on the satellite’s previous system lapses in 2022; thus, Britain’s defense seeks to analyze the most appropriate technological improvements on mega-constellations before the commencement of the fabrication of Skynet-6. Britain’s assessment will determine the role of OneWeb. Through the involvement of fundamental departments in the country, the U.K. seeks to acquire a startup alongside India’s Bharti Global.

According to an evaluation by Louie Dipalma, OneWeb will be partially integrated into Skynet due to decision shifts by the British government. DiPalma further stated the presence of four firms seeking the same tender as Skynet-6. Additionally, the U.K. government is contending the Skynet based on competency in the delivery of service in terms of the erection of communication structures and equipment.

Airbus further stated its augmentation with various companies to upscale the country’s space advancements without compromising the satellite’s quality and a complete setup of the communications platform. Among the companies that bid on the contract, Airbus and OneWay will be more likely to acquire the deal due to the underway development of OneWay satellites that are fabricated as a result of both firms’ joint efforts. 

In conclusion, the British military’s final verdict to allow for a contract to manufacture an efficient satellite depends entirely on its abilities. Airbus displays incredible capacities in the production of an efficient Skynet-6, especially when incorporated with OneWay.