Servicing Clients from a Distance – How E-PR Inc. Approaches CRM 

 The Art of Taking Care of Customers Online

E-PR Inc. has managed to achieve what every company is only now attempting to do: provide for clients in an online format. Their service connects clients that are interested in either personal or business promotion with media platforms which they can advertise on. There are various steps that the customer must first go through, and their team is here to help.

Step 1: Making an Account

The first part of the process is an easy one, but it is also very essential. To be a part of the platform, one has to make an account that can be customized with their personal information and needs. 

Step 2: Selecting Media Outlets

Once the client has created a profile, they can begin considering what media platforms they would like to work with. Depending on the client’s overall goals, they can filter this search based on target audience, geographic location, cost and other various determinants. After choosing the media, the client pays through their account.

Step 3: Deciding on the Content

Now, the content for the advertisement is the key. Clients can either have ready materials that they would like to publish, or they can use E-PR’s services to have content written for them. The customer can also have their article proofread by the team or translated into another language. When the content is ready, they will send the materials to the media outlet through the platform. 

Step 4: Communicating with the Media

When the client sends out their article, the media receives this directly. From here, the client and the platform will discuss details one-on-one. This is meant to simplify the process for both sides. However, if there are any questions from either side, E-PR has managers on standby ready to step in and mediate the communication process. Essentially, the client can decide how much managerial help they would like, whether it be a lot of assistance or they can have as little assistance as possible. 

Step 5: Publication

Once all of the details are discussed, the next step is publishing the content. Turn- around time is quick, and the client should be able to see their article quickly on Google search and Google news. Once the process is done, the client can come back to the platform to work with other media, or work with the same media if they would like. 


E-PR Inc. CEO Yury Mosha

E-PR has created a self-servicing platform that simultaneously is monitored and managed by their team. CEO Yury Mosha stands behind the idea that a platform must be easy to use for clients and made to be as convenient as possible for them. 

By being able to have their own personal account which they can upload content, communicate with the media, and upload payments onto, makes this a smooth process where all work is kept in one place. Clients have autonomy over how they would like to follow this process, and this all can be done from the comfort of their homes.